For some reason it is still debated among some marketers about the effectiveness of video on the internet. Nevertheless Google has released a study that goes to point out how multi-device marketing strategies are especially reliant on video for their success.

Google explained the importance and challenge of video marketing in a recent report. They began the report with, “Prime Time is now all of the time, across screens, devices, apps and services. Viewers across the globe can now stream more content when and where they want than ever before. Ubiquitous high quality video is great for consumers, but makes it increasingly complex for broadcasters, distributors and publishers trying to monetize their content–or advertisers and agencies trying to reach the right audiences.”

To start with the answer to a common question, yes, video marketing is an effective way to reach modern audiences with constant access to online video services. People spend less time watching live television, but overall, the amount of time spent watching videos (via live TV or digital) has increased from 165 hours in 2012 to 177 hours in 2015. This means there are more people watching online video content.

According to data from SocialFlow, which was cited by AdWeek, video accounted for just 0.9 percent of posts on Facebook but for 7.15 percent of reach, 5.2 percent of likes and 11.1 percent of shares. This is encouraging for business owners because it means they can make a bigger impact with less by using video content to reach their audiences.

via Inc.

As we watch more and more content online, advertising will migrate that direction. Is your company’s media portfolio ready for that change? Contact your Digital Media Producer and find out.