There are marketing companies, ad agencies, digital media firms, and then there is HubSpot. The term “Inbound Marketing” was one that they coined, and boy has it ever minted them dividends. Both the concept of Inbound Marketing and the associated marketing capabilities that the efficiency of that practice provide tens of thousands of businesses around the world with unparalleled success.

One of the users and subsequent proponents of HubSpot is Jeremy Goldman, CEO of Firebrand Group, and he took some time to break down how he is leveraging HubSpot’s initiatives into video for his business.

#1: Be Where Your Audience Is.

It’s important for a brand to look relevant and authentic, but more than that, it’s important to be where your audience is, and reach them in the ways they want to interacted with. Sometimes that might be via Facebook live streams, for other consumers, it might be short-form Snapchat programing. Your customers are going far beyond TV to get their information, so it makes sense to have an ongoing dialogue with your audience to figure out how and where they consume video content.


#2: Embrace a “Video is Core” Mentality.

As someone who came to HubSpot from the production world, Sheehy was impressed by how much the company recognized that video was an important part of its brand and customer journey. It wasn’t just talk; HubSpot put so much infrastructure in place to meet production needs pretty early on in the company’s journey.


#3: Video Can’t Solve Everything.

Most brands can’t get everything right with respect to video marketing. To Sheehy, one of the glaring mistakes some make is to think that video can solve every marketing problem. That’s “the first step toward failure with video,” she says. “It’s important to first think about the problem you’re trying to solve, the audience you’re trying to reach,” and how the audience will be accessing your content. Despite her bias towards video, Sheehy readily admits that some things are better in copy, or text. “If video fits the mold, then make sure you make it is worth the effort,” Sheehy stresses. “Not all videos are created equal.”


via Inc.

Jeremy lists four more great elements to keep in mind as your explore video marketing as a key asset to your overall content marketing strategy. Be sure to check them out over at Inc. Once you’ve read up, reach out to your Digital Media Producer about fitting video into your “Inbound Marketing” strategy.