17-year-old Tamir Vigder is interested in a few things outside of growth hack marketing, but not many. Running his marketing firm Tukushor in Australia keeps him pretty busy. Especially when Silicon Valley heard of his recent success. That’s where Inc

The “Growth Hack” Idea

HashChing, a mortgage rate negotiator also in Australia, was looking for a more efficient way to generate leads that would convert to revenues. Tamir opted to contact the CEO of HashChing directly to learn more about the company itself, and then turned in twenty different “growth hack” ideas in a week. Other competitors turned in a quarter of that.

The first idea, and the reason for this post, is that Tamir first suggested shooting a YouTube parody of the ’09 recession film, The Big Short with a link that would then redirect viewers to HashChing’s website. With only a $500 budget video HashChing hit paydirt.


Within 24 hours, this video went viral on YouTube, and the startup generated $70 million in new loan applications, which directly converted into $7 million in new loans.

News of this success spread, which brought additional focus to the company–and to Vigder, who now has Silicon Valley startup investors interested in placing a $500,000 seed investment into Tukushor. With that capital, he plans to move to the U.S. to expand his business globally.


This situation isn’t totally unique. Large corporate brands throw money at a variety of ideas, including video marketing, all the time. They achieve success with the numerous hits using different tactics. Where this gets to be unique is with Small Businesses that are trying to stretch every penny of their marketing budgets.

Using This to Your Advantage

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