Video Marketing

Video Marketing: (noun) – incorporating video content into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company, product, or service.

Video Marketing, sometimes referred to as Video Content Marketing or YouTube Marketing, is the natural evolution of any content marketing strategy as we move beyond the written word and into interactive media. The reason that this is becoming more common is actually quite easy to identify.

The largest search engine online is Google. The second largest isn’t Yahoo or Bing, it’s YouTube. More and more people are interested in getting their information in the form of watchable content, in part because they are viewing this content on their mobile devices.

pexels-photo-4The Next Phase of Content Marketing

If you are already a practitioner of content marketing, you’ve already seen the benefits of consistent, informative material that your audience can enjoy. They’ve found it, read it, and likely shared it with others. In many cases, you have been able to convert that reader into a customer.

Consumers demand it, which is what makes it so effective! But did you know that video is one of the most sought after forms of content?

Video Statistics

In 2016 marketers all over the world began using video as a means of attracting more viewers. We saw this happen across YouTube from the beginning, but social media sites like Facebook and Twitter began offering more video products, including livestreaming. We even saw many traditional publishers jumped on board due to its success.

By this year, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic, with Cisco claiming that will reach 80% by 2019. According to marketing professionals that completed an Animoto survey, “76.5% of marketers and small business owners who have used video marketing say it had a direct impact on their business.”

Video Content Misgivings

The most common hesitation when it comes to video is that the cost is too high. This is actually a misunderstanding of the economics of video production. If every single video is supposed to be a high-end infomercial, absolutely the cost is significant. However, if you are savvy in what you are trying to produce and have a Digital Media Producer that can make content cost-effectively, the cost is no longer the insurmountable barrier it used to be.

The second misgiving about video content marketing is that “That would never work for my company.” This comes from a lack of understanding about how people use video. There is always a way to connect with your audience. If you use blogging or graphics to engage your customers, you can also use video. In fact, Video Marketing is perfect for the Automotive, Construction, Education, Entertainment, Fitness, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Media, Online, Professional Services, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, and Software Development industries.


Video Marketing Products

Given the years of experience working in short form media production, we at The Contemporary have figured out how to leverage the costs of production to provide Video SEO Optimized content for your social video channels.

Video Summary

Instead of trying to recite an entire blog post, why not summarize all of the key points so that audiences can get the information they need without burdening them? It’s the tried-and-true “Keep It Simple Stupid” process, and it is cost effective at the same time.

Video Summary content is best used to augment the content marketing efforts for 500-1,200 word blog posts. Two pieces of content, found in different search engines, that both links back to your website help cement your place as a subject matter expert.

[wpvideo UFiQs90m]

Video Article

For a more involved piece that is based on its own research and script to be made, a Video Article might be more in line with the content marketing efforts you are wanting to achieve. Unlike Video Summaries, which are meant to be helpful content guides, Video Articles are more likely to be shared on their own.

One of the more common uses of Video Articles is to create “Listicles” of information that people would find interesting.

[wpvideo DPltJwlH]


Video Sales Letters

Maybe you aren’t searching for regular content, but instead, need a video that helps convert viewers into signing up for an email newsletter or makes the sale on its own. That is what a Video Sales Letter is for.

Statistics show that a video on a landing page can increase conversions by upwards of 86%. That’s a massive improvement from written copy alone. Our video sales letters are all custom scripted to touch on your customer’s pain points and identify how your product or service has the solution.

Here is a selection of video sales letters we have completed for our clients:



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