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Commercial and Promotional Video Production

In the age of digital video, traditional advertising models won’t cut it. But with a little experimentation, brands can stay ahead of the curve. Viewership is moving online. As time on YouTube has risen 74% year over year, time spent watching TV has fallen 4.6% for 18- to 49-year-olds. And as viewership moves online, people’s preferences, behaviors, and attitudes toward video are rapidly changing. For advertisers, the challenge is to create content that builds personal connections, that’s shareable, and that makes viewers want to tune in.

We create media that engages your customers based on their needs and wants for effective results.


Corporate Video Production

Longform content is more useful for detailed messaging and has achieved a next-level threshold of need in our content hungry world. There are two primary questions from marketers and small businesses about how to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for video: “What video content should I make to best engage my audience while staying true to my brand?” and “How can I create that video content at scale?”

What video content should I make to best engage my audience while staying true to my brand?

To answer this question, we start to imagine a Venn diagram. The one circle represents what the brand’s target audience cares about; the other represents what the brand stands for. To understand what we mean, think about these questions:

  • “What’s truly unique and different about our brand?”

  • “What’s truly ownable for our brand?”

  • “What right does our brand have to play (and win) in this content space versus our competition?”

Once the answers are in the Venn diagram, the overlapping circles provide a window into the sweet spot for developing a video content strategy.

How can I create that video content at scale?

Here’s the hard truth: There’s no way a brand can create all the content needed to feed consumers’ voracious appetite for video, especially on mobile devices. There isn’t enough time, money, or resources. The trick is to create content gradually and build an engaging library over time. That might sound daunting with a traditional production mindset as a reference point. But to produce at scale requires rethinking that production process, and getting a little help while you’re at it.


Video Production Capabilities

Our areas of expertise include high-definition and UHD (4K) videography, video editing, and post-production finishing for commercial and corporate media. That expertise expands into online marketing content, digital video advertising campaigns, real estate video production, event production, livestreaming, and long term archival of digital media.


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