It would be fair to assess a particular bias here towards videos being the king of content, which also happens to be king. Nevertheless it’s important to understand why the success of video marketing exists. It’s actually rather human, after all, as we love storytelling. One of our favorite “escapes” is either into a multiplex to see the next great blockbuster film, or binge watching reruns on Netflix. That’s only one component, but the reason we find for why it sticks so well.

Lets You Tell a Story

Storytelling lays the foundation of your brand’s marketing efforts. It allows you to reach out and connect with customers by telling and showing them who you are and what your brand is all about.


Using videos, you can convey your personality and create a memorable impression on your audience–how you choose to portray your company and the story behind it is how customers will position it in their mind.


Improves Search Engine Performance

Video ranks higher in online searches with 62% of Google universal searches including video. This means more people will be exposed to your video than they would be to any article.


Most time, when individuals search for content, they would rather watch a video explaining a concept or showing a product in use. Quality video that’s easily available will also go farther with the help of social sharing.


Multi-channel presence

You already know a website by itself isn’t enough today. You have to be where your audience is.


Social platforms appeal to different demographics and are used to display content for different purposes. You can optimize your video content to fit each platform’s audience (for example, Snapchat for a younger audience, Facebook for short, share-worthy videos).


via Inc.

Make sure you are leveraging the capabilities of video marketing. Talk to your Digital Media Producer to ensure that you are doing everything you can.