Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses

It’s About Time!

You’ve read about it. You’ve heard it from friends. Digital Marketing is what you need to take the next step forward with your business. No matter what industry you are in or what size business you operate, search engine optimization (SEO), specifically keyword ranking and link building through effective content marketing is the best option for driving organic traffic to your website.

Now that you have a better sense of how digital marketing’s importance carries over into your everyday sales needs, we’d like you to take a look at the traffic-driving digital marketing starter package we have built for budget-minded small businesses. We understand that it’s hard to let go of money for marketing, so we’ve created a package for less than $500 per month to get you started.

Here’s What You Get:

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

seo auditSEO Audit: Our first objective is to do a complete search engine optimization audit of your website in its current form. This will provide both a technical and a content-oriented understanding of how you are positioned online for traffic to reach your website. Technical and content recommendations come directly from this audit.

marketing strategyMarketing Strategy: Upon completing the audit, a six-month strategy will be laid out for you to see how we anticipate the SEO and Content Marketing Starter Package will drive results. In the strategy, we include the keywords that we will build authority for, SEO tags that require changes, content to be created, and data analytics we will track along the way so that you can follow the progress of your website.

keyword researchKeyword Research: A key element of the Marketing Strategy is the twenty keywords selected to be ranked over the course of the six-month contract. We search through dozens of query options to identify the related keywords we wish to rank for. These keywords become to foundation of your offsite strategy.

seo tagsSEO Tags: Onsite SEO is available as a separate service offering, but we identify parts of your website that need updates as well. This could come in the form of headline tags needing the appropriate order, images with necessary alt text, or meta description tags that help search algorithms identify pages more easily.

Content Marketing

content marketing

bloggingBlogging: The content published on blogs is the easiest for search engines to crawl and therefore the simplest for people to find online, driving traffic to your website. Creating relevant content to your audience’s needs is how we build upon the success of keyword research and link building to generate authority and traffic for your website.

content creationContent Creation: In addition to written content, graphic images or researched infographics are used to generate interest by web users as well. These graphics must still be optimized for search algorithms, but are generally more pleasing to consume and shared more across the internet.

anchor textAnchor Text: Pairing the content that is created to the keywords that your website needs to rank for involve incorporating the necessary anchor text. A web link that keys off of a word or set of words is anchor text, and those words are noticed by search algorithms when determining the ranking score of keywords.

blog managementBlog Management: In addition to writing, publishing of content at a regular interval and ensuring that it is distributed to the necessary brand channels is a vital component of the strategy in use. Publishing content at certain times is done to garner more attention across different content or social media platforms because users tend to view content at different times of the day.

Data Tracking & Analytics

data analytics and tracking

target audienceTarget Marketing Research: The first step to analytics is to understand the audience that is making up the traffic at hand. Measuring components like age, gender, location, as well as access to your website through a desktop or mobile device help steer the marketing strategy to be more effective.

search processSearch Process Analysis: Understanding the search queries that brought someone to your website provides insight into what search terms are effectively directed to your website as well as what additional content might be necessary to further bolster that term’s ranking value.

web analyticsWeb Analytics: All of the traditional measurement key performance indicators (KPIs), such as traffic from organic search, paid search, referral links, and social media are compounded by a thorough analysis of what could be done to enhance the experience of website visitors.

link buildingLink Building: Backlinks built to your website will be tracked in a database that you can access at any time. This provides a clear depiction of the work being performed behind the scenes to increase your organic traffic through authority optimization. The more credible websites that link back to your content, the more authority your site is given.

Digital Marketing Results

digital marketing results

marketing solutionsMarketing Solutions: All of our strategies and process steps are industry backed and proven to create positive change in search engine results for websites. If you are trying to increase traffic, optimize for conversions, enhance the user experience, or amplify social engagement, we can help you achieve those goals.

effective keywordingEffective Keywording: As search engines continue to tweak their algorithms to better improve search results for Internet users, there is a common trend in what they are working towards–context. Sometimes called semantic or topical optimization, we build our keywording strategy based on the idea of relevant content to multiple keyword options, all of which you want to rank for.

website rankingWebsite Ranking: The Domain Authority or individual Page Authority that is applied to your website as a whole or the pages within is a component of search engine optimization as well. We work to increase the authority of your website by a digital social proof with backlinks and relevant content creation that your users will love.

search resultsSearch Results: What ultimately matters in search engine optimization is the location of your website in the search results for keywords you care about. The data shows that top ten search results garner exponentially more traffic than those further down to ranking scale.

Digital Marketing Starter Package – $495 / mo.

Monthly SEO Audit & Key Metrics Report
Analysis of Website Content & Performance
+ Website Analytics Tracking of KPIs
+ Offsite SEO Strategy

Website Authority & Link Building
+ Keyword Research & Analysis
+ 20 Monitored Keywords
+ White Hat 
Link Building of KWs

Weekly Written Blog Content
4x 500 Word Articles
Stock Graphics Embedded
+ Optimized for SEO Best Practices
+ Internal & External Site Links

+ 6-Month Minimum Contract

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