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How Digital Media is Changing Our Creative Future

Media is constantly changing. We see this in the various platforms that are developed to consume media (Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat), but it also informs the way that we connect to our audiences. How we engage people that are using these platforms or these different media types is even more important as we look for new methods of marketing in order to keep up. Over at the Videoblocks Blog, they identified just how rapidly media consumption has changed. We recently surveyed 3830 creatives from all over world to find out what mediums and types of projects are leading the way in digital storytelling. The data showed a remarkable shift away from traditional formats in the direction of more engaging social platforms… Survey Insights There are two major questions that provide valuable insight into where the shift has steered creative media professions when they’ve been leaving the traditional forms of media like Television Advertisements. What Mediums Are Today’s Creatives Using the Most? 63% – YouTube and Vimeo 50% – Facebook and Instagram 38% – Blogging platforms 37% – Film and television What types of digital media projects do they make? 60% – Online videos 56% – Website design 49% – Digital advertising 47% – Interactive presentations Further…

4 Secrets to Social Media Video Success

It’s one thing to produce a video but quite another to create one that will engage, delight and persuade your audience. – Glover Masterson Video is so prevalent on Social Media that it’s sometimes difficult for marketers to figure out how to break through all of the clutter to connect with their target audience. Mark Glover Masterson, over on AdWeek, breaks down some of his and his company’s methods to ensuring that engagement. 4 Secrets to Success Focus on Engagement Only through a solid understanding of the prospective clients will content actually connect with them. The tool to ensuring this is called a buyer persona and it gives marketers a theoretical understanding of the wants and needs of a customer. When you’re creating videos to be published on social media, your primary goal should be engagement. You’re either appealing to people who are still in the early stages of your brand’s sales funnel or those who are already part of your community. This means fun, informative and engaging content that will drive desire to become a customer or engender brand loyalty in existing customers. Videos that support conversion efforts—e.g., instructional guides or product demos—usually work better on your website or YouTube channel.…

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