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5 Secrets Behind Viral Video Marketing Strategies

In 2017, viral videos are all the rage, but promoting them can be tricky. That’s why a viral video marketing strategy is necessary.

With the right strategy in place, you should have no problem getting your brand’s name out to a wider audience.

Think of Your Consumer

What would excite your target demographic? Is there anything in the cultural narrative that you could riff on that your base would find amazing?

The key is to ensure that your video is relevant to whoever who are trying to sell your brand to. It is not likely that they will care to watch or share your video if they don’t understand it or don’t find it appealing.

Remember to always keep the customer in mind. Most viral videos are marketed to young people, so you should make sure it can reach as many of them as possible.

Does It Sparkle?

Is your video concept innovative and unique? Will it grab the attention of a wider audience? To give your video a better chance of going viral, it needs to be something that the wide majority of people have never seen before.

If the video is special, more people will spread it around. If it is able to really wow people, then they are more likely to watch it again and again.

This doesn’t need to be expensive. If your video goes viral, you can easily turn a little into a lot.

Get to the Point, and Fast

In today’s day and age, everyone seems to have a shorter attention span.

If your video is too long, there’s a much smaller chance you will be able to hook people. Understanding this is the key to a successful viral video. Sell quickly before they move on to something else.

If the focus of your video is a punchline or a catchy slogan, get to it fast. The shorter your video is, the more likely it will be shared, especially when considering social media.

Make It Easy to Share/Distribute

The whole point of a viral video is to ensure that it spreads like wildfire. That won’t be possible if you don’t make it easy to do so.

For example, your video should definitely be optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the way most people consume videos these days. Otherwise, you will lose out on a large percentage of market share.

Using social media channels to distribute should also be a key part of your strategy. The interconnectivity of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat means there are many users that overlap into other programs. What someone watches on one platform, they can share on another. This is how high viewership on one site can turn into a viral extravaganza.

Viral Video Marketing Is a Subtle Art, Don’t Oversell

The point of a viral video is brand and product promotion, but nobody wants that shoved down their throats. This may be the most important viral video marketing lesson of all.

The most successful viral videos are subtle. They feature the company or brand, but tastefully. Some of the most famous viral advertisements are about something that has nothing to do with the brand but still manages to send their desired message.

It’s not an exact science, and it can be hard predict whether or not a video will go viral, but by following these guidelines, you’re in a pretty good position!

Need help crafting a killer video marketing strategy? We’re only an email away.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Orlando
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4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Orlando

Are you considering hiring a digital marketing agency in Orlando?

You need to research to ensure that you select an agency that fits the needs of your brand.

Why you should hire a digital marketing agency in Orlando

Read on to find out how a digital marketing agency can help promote your business. The future of the digital world is changing, make sure you don’t get left behind. Use these tips to know what to look for in your search.

1. You’ll get a whole team approach

A digital marketing agency will offer you a range of skill sets. This likely includes services such as SEO, content writing, video marketing, landing page and email management, and other spokes of digital marketing.

The professional staff will have experience working together to come up with a solution which best suits your business. A combined effort and lots of opinions will provide you with better results.

Instead of having to hire 10 different companies working separately, you can hire just one. This means cleaner correspondence and a more streamlined result.

2. You will have access to better measurement and tools

Digital marketing agencies are more likely to invest in powerful technology and tools.

Tracking, research, reporting, experience and the knowledge of current trends can be provided. A larger agency will have expertise in properly monitoring competition as well. They’ll even understand all of the latest innovations and be quick to implement them on your behalf.

There’s a greater chance of achieving your marketing goals when you have the proper tools and strategies right at your fingertips.

3. You can have all of the services you want, at a better price

When you can purchase everything you need as a package, it is often going to work out to be much more affordable. In other words, “economies of scale.”

Instead of having to research, hire, and pay for multiple experts, you can get everything you need in one place. The efficiency of having the same team work on multiple aspects of your marketing needs is where the costs savings truly lie. You will still get the personalized service, but in a more structured way. Choose a package which suits your needs and enjoy the benefits it provides.

4. You’ll be able to get your campaigns running faster

When you use a combined digital marketing company, you’ll experience better service.

There will be no miscommunications and you won’t have to waste your valuable time being the middleman. Having all of your marketing professionals in one place will mean you can make your digital marketing efforts get results much sooner.

An experienced company will be able to provide expertise. This expertise will suit businesses of all shapes, sizes, and across multiple industries. You can work on building better products or services and engaging with customers while someone else takes care of your marketing.


If your marketing plan requires more than one skill set, this type of agency is a smart option.

You’ll be able to create more consistent and targeted campaigns without the stress of outsourcing to multiple businesses.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Orlando, we can help. Feel free to contact us today. A member of our friendly staff will be in touch will be in touch shortly to start working on solutions with you!

Do you outsource your digital marketing?

We would love to hear about your experiences!

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Digital Marketing Agencies: What Do They Do?

Digital marketing is an essential component of the complete marketing package in today’s technology-focused world. No small business owner or operator can overlook the benefits gained through digital or online marketing.

Do you have a digital marketing strategy in place as a small business owner? Perhaps you already do, but do you have the time to execute that strategy? This is where digital marketing agencies can assist you.

So what exactly is it that a digital marketing agency can do for you?

What Are Digital Marketing Agencies?

Digital marketing agencies are companies which provide specialized digital marketing services. These companies work with the client to optimize the opportunities for online customer acquisition. The desired outcome is a measurable return on investment (ROI).

You have liekly heard the terms SEO, Inbound, Landing Pages, and Conversion Rates. These are parts of the system designed to attract potential customers through online content. The digital marketing professional uses these marketing tools to generate interest in the client’s business.

Expert Guidance

Employing digital marketing agencies to manage your online marketing needs ensures you have a team of professionals working to achieve the best result for your business.

An initial consultation and an assessment of your business activity will provide the agency with an overall understanding of what it is that you require. The team will then suggest a range of means to market and promote your core business.

An example of the information you may be asked to provide will include your business type, the services or products you offer, and your current marketing plan. The team will need to know your objectives, your business principles, and your expectations. From there a throughly crafted marketing plan leveraging digital tools can be put before you.

Creative Marketing

Digital marketing allows the business owner to use creative content and other effective means of marketing. The interactive aspect of social media is perfect for creative strategies.

A digital marketing agency employs graphic designers, creative writers, video producers, web developers, data analysts, and account managers to provide a complete solution. By utilizing their expertise you can promote your brand and target your customers through the use of creative online content.

Your creative marketing team is there to assist you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Useful Resources

Once a marketing plan has been agreed on, the process will be put in place. The services of a digital marketing agency are generally used over an extended period of time, as no marketing results are ever immediate.

Over the period of the marketing campaign, your agency will be able to provide you with useful resources and metrics. You can use these materials to measure the progress and success of your marketing plan.

You may be provided with traffic analytics, views or impressions of content, engagement scores of the same, time on site, or conversion rates. This data collectively allows you and your agency to focus the campaign on a digital channel or creative content type which provides the best results.

Time Saved Equals Dollars Saved

Placing your digital marketing activity in the hands of a digital marketing agency makes sense. It means you will have more time to concentrate on the important role of running your business. You can also rest assured your marketing dollar will be used effectively.

Your digital marketing team is there to help your business grow through the use of technology and creativity.  The time you will save only adds to your ROI.

For more information about digital marketing agencies, or to see how one could benefit your business, contact us today and we’ll be in touch!


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A Teenager Turned a $500 Video Ad Into $7 Million

17-year-old Tamir Vigder is interested in a few things outside of growth hack marketing, but not many. Running his marketing firm Tukushor in Australia keeps him pretty busy. Especially when Silicon Valley heard of his recent success. That’s where Inc

The “Growth Hack” Idea

HashChing, a mortgage rate negotiator also in Australia, was looking for a more efficient way to generate leads that would convert to revenues. Tamir opted to contact the CEO of HashChing directly to learn more about the company itself, and then turned in twenty different “growth hack” ideas in a week. Other competitors turned in a quarter of that.

The first idea, and the reason for this post, is that Tamir first suggested shooting a YouTube parody of the ’09 recession film, The Big Short with a link that would then redirect viewers to HashChing’s website. With only a $500 budget video HashChing hit paydirt.


Within 24 hours, this video went viral on YouTube, and the startup generated $70 million in new loan applications, which directly converted into $7 million in new loans.

News of this success spread, which brought additional focus to the company–and to Vigder, who now has Silicon Valley startup investors interested in placing a $500,000 seed investment into Tukushor. With that capital, he plans to move to the U.S. to expand his business globally.


This situation isn’t totally unique. Large corporate brands throw money at a variety of ideas, including video marketing, all the time. They achieve success with the numerous hits using different tactics. Where this gets to be unique is with Small Businesses that are trying to stretch every penny of their marketing budgets.

Using This to Your Advantage

Customers ask us all the time how they can use inbound marketing principles to bring in more revenue, without needing tens of thousands of dollars to do it. Each of our individual service offerings have transparent pricing listed right on the page. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you achieve greater results.

Make sure the strategy fits your budget. Talk to your Digital Media Agency about getting the most out of yours.

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