In 2017, viral videos are all the rage, but promoting them can be tricky. That’s why a viral video marketing strategy is necessary.

With the right strategy in place, you should have no problem getting your brand’s name out to a wider audience.

Think of Your Consumer

What would excite your target demographic? Is there anything in the cultural narrative that you could riff on that your base would find amazing?

The key is to ensure that your video is relevant to whoever who are trying to sell your brand to. It is not likely that they will care to watch or share your video if they don’t understand it or don’t find it appealing.

Remember to always keep the customer in mind. Most viral videos are marketed to young people, so you should make sure it can reach as many of them as possible.

Does It Sparkle?

Is your video concept innovative and unique? Will it grab the attention of a wider audience? To give your video a better chance of going viral, it needs to be something that the wide majority of people have never seen before.

If the video is special, more people will spread it around. If it is able to really wow people, then they are more likely to watch it again and again.

This doesn’t need to be expensive. If your video goes viral, you can easily turn a little into a lot.

Get to the Point, and Fast

In today’s day and age, everyone seems to have a shorter attention span.

If your video is too long, there’s a much smaller chance you will be able to hook people. Understanding this is the key to a successful viral video. Sell quickly before they move on to something else.

If the focus of your video is a punchline or a catchy slogan, get to it fast. The shorter your video is, the more likely it will be shared, especially when considering social media.

Make It Easy to Share/Distribute

The whole point of a viral video is to ensure that it spreads like wildfire. That won’t be possible if you don’t make it easy to do so.

For example, your video should definitely be optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the way most people consume videos these days. Otherwise, you will lose out on a large percentage of market share.

Using social media channels to distribute should also be a key part of your strategy. The interconnectivity of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat means there are many users that overlap into other programs. What someone watches on one platform, they can share on another. This is how high viewership on one site can turn into a viral extravaganza.

Viral Video Marketing Is a Subtle Art, Don’t Oversell

The point of a viral video is brand and product promotion, but nobody wants that shoved down their throats. This may be the most important viral video marketing lesson of all.

The most successful viral videos are subtle. They feature the company or brand, but tastefully. Some of the most famous viral advertisements are about something that has nothing to do with the brand but still manages to send their desired message.

It’s not an exact science, and it can be hard predict whether or not a video will go viral, but by following these guidelines, you’re in a pretty good position!

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