One of the recent trends that’s popped up is the use of personalized video. We are all starting to see this with Facebook anniversary, year end, or holiday videos, so what’s the big fuss? Well, there’s something to be said for a personal message from someone. That’s why handwritten notes always carry more weight than an email. It’s a matter of leveraging that personal touch, but applying it across a wide range of customers through multimedia conent publishing.

1. Customize your content marketing

You created an awesome white paper or report as part of your content marketing strategy — great! Get the most bang for your content buck by using a personalized video in the emails that you use to promote it or on the registration landing page.

The video could be a quick clip describing what prospects will learn in the report, and it could be personalized with “This report is the property of _____” at the top (like the fancy analyst reports) or a stamp on the report cover saying, “Prepared especially for ______.”


2. Enhance your event promotion

Whether you’re hosting an exclusive executive luncheon or inviting your entire list to your user conference, personalized video can be a huge boon for event attendance. Create a video showing how valuable the event will be, and personalize it to your recipients:


  • Include a ticket with their name on it.
  • Play with name tag imagery – “Hi, my name is ______.”
  • “Reserve” a seat with your recipient’s name at the event’s location, like a restaurant or conference hall.
  • Show a custom swag bag with their company logo.
  • Create personalized conference badges with recipients’ names and photos from their LinkedIn profiles.


3. Announce a feature, product or service

Customers love to feel that you’re listening and responding to their requests. Tell them about a new addition to your portfolio with a personalized video.


Start with: “[Customer name], you asked for [really great feature or product that you’re announcing.] Here it is.” You could also use the company name — “We heard that [amazing new feature] would make a huge difference to [customer’s company], so we built it for you.”


Don’t forget to actually show the new product or feature in action in the video as well.


4. Show your customers you care

Don’t stop with announcements when it comes to customer engagement. Personalized video can be used throughout the year to show your customers that you care.


The winter holidays are a no-brainer, but you could also have some fun with some lesser-known celebrations. Wish them a happy National Donut Day, complete with a box of donuts with their name on it, or send them a personalized reminder to call their moms on Mother’s Day.


5. Recruit top talent

Trying to woo potential hires? Target your top candidates with personalized videos showcasing how awesome it is to work at your company. Send them a video welcoming them to their new workspace, complete with a personalized nameplate on their desk, or play with their name and title and your company’s logo.


via MarketingLand

In many cases, personalization may not make sense. It requires a database of information that can quickly be applied to content so that media creators are not manually applying each personalization to each piece of content. To see if personalized media is right for your brand, discuss it with your Digital Media Producer and take advantage if it makes sense for you.