Knowing how to maximize your content marketing strategy is like finding the fountain of youth. Implementing those elements into your strategy make all the difference. Molly Reynolds over at Inc. breaks down four key tips to make sure you are implementing in your search of video marketing best practices, of which we’ve included an excerpt here:

Identify Your True Audience

In order for your content to resonate, you need to put it in front of your true audience. Not the folks who are the right age or “type” – the folks who are already talking about your subject matter.


Invite Your Audience on the Journey

Shows like The Voice and Project Runway have been so popular because the audience becomes invested in the artist’s journey and feels as though they had something to do with their success. This tactic works. Use it.


Create a Distinct Voice

Authenticity has become a must – and yes, you can probably blame millennials for that. Because of the sheer amount of content we are served and how much we choose to consume, we can all spot BS from a mile away. As a content marketer, it is more important than ever to create and maintain your authentic voice.


Syndicate Your Content

Whether through video or written content, most entrepreneurs are looking to become thought leaders in their space. Producing content on your own site is great, but getting it hosted on a high-traffic site with a name behind it is even better.


– via Inc.

Make sure you talk to your Digital Media Producer about how you can ensure that your company’s strategy is taking advantage of these facets of content marketing strategy.