It’s one thing to produce a video but quite another to create one that will engage, delight and persuade your audience.

– Glover Masterson

Video is so prevalent on Social Media that it’s sometimes difficult for marketers to figure out how to break through all of the clutter to connect with their target audience. Mark Glover Masterson, over on AdWeek, breaks down some of his and his company’s methods to ensuring that engagement.

4 Secrets to Success

Focus on Engagement

Only through a solid understanding of the prospective clients will content actually connect with them. The tool to ensuring this is called a buyer persona and it gives marketers a theoretical understanding of the wants and needs of a customer.

When you’re creating videos to be published on social media, your primary goal should be engagement. You’re either appealing to people who are still in the early stages of your brand’s sales funnel or those who are already part of your community. This means fun, informative and engaging content that will drive desire to become a customer or engender brand loyalty in existing customers. Videos that support conversion efforts—e.g., instructional guides or product demos—usually work better on your website or YouTube channel.

Keep it Short

It’s important to not overstay your welcome, and by that we mean identify the story you need to tell and make that point quickly. Long, drawn-out videos tend to not be watched to the end because the audience gets bored.

At SOMO, our sweet spot when it comes to length is five to 30 seconds. This is partly to do with the idea that online viewers have short attention spans. Anything longer than one minute and the viewer is unlikely to finish watching, therefore missing your climactic call-to-action.

Do it Often

With any form of content marketing, consistency is key. A regular content posting calendar is vital to sustained success. Different social channels need different release schedules as their users have different behaviors for when and how often they are on the platform.

That spectacular 450 percent boost in Instagram followers we achieved for Cleanblend didn’t happen overnight. It was a cumulative increase that resulted from posting new video content consistently, and our most recent post helped the company reach a milestone of 10,000 followers.

Collaborate for Success

No digital media agency has one person do everything. It’s always a team effort, which is how the best input from multiple experts can create consistent winning creative content. Not every piece will be a win, but by gauging the perspectives of many you will have significantly more successes than failures.

When you’re aiming for a consistent cadence, it’s tempting to keep input from managers or clients to a minimum. But their feedback is critical to ensuring that each video engages the target audience, so you need a review process that isn’t a time-drain for either party and helps eliminate costly miscommunications.

Also–one of the interesting methods for building an audience is to look to other sites or pages that are producing content similar to yours, but not directly competitive. By reaching out to these organizations and releasing content for both audiences, both benefit. You can easily grow your traffic, and therefore revenue, by a mutually beneficial partnership.


Are you using these social media secrets to success in your marketing plan? Make sure to discuss with your Digital Media Agency the strategies being used to engage with your clientele.