A Company Profile video is one of the first pieces of media we suggest to new clients. It’s important because it gives a face of the company to prospective customers that will be researching it before they make a purchase. Taking a moment to humanize a brand is especially helpful in a modern era of digitization. In a guest post for Inc, Fan Bi – CEO of Blank Label – offers a few tips for gearing up to create a Company Profile video.

Gather a Diverse Group of Collaborators

If you really want to open the floodgates of creativity for your video, bring a group of people with different backgrounds and sensibilities together, and let them bounce ideas off each other. Don’t confine your team to the traditionally “creatively-focused” departments of your organizations, such as marketing and communications.


Frame Your Video Around Music

Some film critics like to say that overrated directors rely too heavily on the score and soundtrack of their movies to do the emotional heavy lifting. Since you aren’t a world-class filmmaker or gunning for an Oscar, this critique doesn’t necessarily apply to you.


Don’t Do It Halfway

Your audience can detect a half-hearted video effort from miles away, so make sure you’re committed to giving the project your all before putting it out there. It’s helpful to think about the project in terms of value: Video content, after all, is an increasingly effective way for companies to engage with customers and strengthen their brand image.


via Inc.

Talk to your Digital Media Producer about putting together a Company Profile video that opens up your brand to customers both online and off.