Do you use a multitude of different marketing techniques for your business? Do you incorporate SEO, content marketing, social media, email, and video content? If so, how do you know whether these marketing techniques are working?

You will need to find a way to measure your inbound marketing results. Did you know that 32 percent of marketers believe paid advertising is a waste of time and resources?

You need to find marketing techniques that are guaranteed to bring your business a return on investment.

In order to accomplish this, it’s important to use the right metrics for analyzing the results of your marketing. Keep reading to learn about the best three metrics to measure your inbound marketing.

Track Traffic Sources

Take a look at your organic search traffic and track how many people visit your website based on the time of day and the days during the week or month. You should look at what sources of content attract the most visitors.

Do people find you through your social media accounts or through your email newsletters? The answers to these questions could get help you improve your marketing techniques.

Measuring traffic is a surefire way to determine how well your online marketing performs and brings in revenue.

Track Lead Generation

After measuring your website traffic sources, take a look at your landing page sign-ups. Are you getting more leads in conjunction with more traffic? If you look at lead generation based on the content source it came from, you could utilize those content subjects to further refine your marketing strategy or pivot away from one that isn’t creating leads.

Once you know which landing pages are performing well, you can focus on creating similar landing pages in the future.

What type of sources bring more traffic to your website? What type of content is really pushing more leads and profit? The answers to these questions will give better results from your marketing initiatives.

Track Conversion Rates of Sales

Beyond simply capturing leads, which is a conversion on its own, are you increasing the conversion rate of sales at the same time? This is how you measure the actual return on investment of your marketing dollars. Are you actively managing your return on investment for your website? If not, you need to create conversion goals to measure your results, according to The Balance.

The conversion rates should be a clear indication of how well your business revenue is doing. The way this works is, if you have X conversions in one month, you expect more than X the following month. The marketing process should be in constant growth. If you see your conversion rate decline, you will need to look at what marketing techniques are no longer working.

Measuring your conversion rate sales will be imperative to determine the impact of your marketing. It is essential for measuring your bottom line.

Do you need help measuring your inbound marketing campaigns? If so, please contact us so that we can get you on the right path.