Using Remarketing for Lead Nurture After Successful Lead Generation

Marketers are often responsible for generating leads, but can They also help move those leads down the sales funnel?

If the goal is lead generation, ensuring the highest quality is the primary objective. Many companies and marketers use paid media campaigns to help generate leads through a variety of sales funnel tactics. However many of those that visit your website or landing page typically don’t complete the lead conversion process. The sales team manages the sales nurture process once the lead is generated. Further still, many don’t become sales even if they are a lead. How do marketers take on this problem? Remarketing is one of the tools that marketers must rely on.

Here are three steps digital marketers or advertisers can take to nurture leads into sales.

USE Remarketing for Search Ads TO target for lead advancement

Remarketing for Search Ads (RLSA) is a fantastic method to connect with previous website guests when they are searching. Using RLSA, you can continuously identify prospects after they have converted from your lead magnet.

First, you need to assemble a list of users that you have deemed to be Marketing Qualified Leads. MQLs are determined by users that submit contact information by filling out a form on your website. This indicates a willingness or desire to be reached at a future point in time. Second, determine the possible future search queries of these potential customers (looking up your known competitors, for instance). Third, develop and publish an ad campaign that specifically serves these “leads” in their buying journey to remind them of your brand.

If you are trying to determine those possible future search queries, fear not! Here are a few tips to help you understand your prospects’ search behavior and gather these keywords:

  1. After a lead form is completed, see what site searches are conducted. Use your website’s Google Analytics to tell you what your audience continues to search for after they have left your site.
  2. Focus on terms related to ‘reviews,’ ‘how-to’ and ‘best.’ The potential customer has already indicated interest in your product or service by completing a lead form. The next place people tend to look is in a community-focused site to learn about the reputation of your company, service, or product.
  3. Consult with your CRM and sales teams. Some of the best insights come from the people that directly interact with the prospect. Due to the questions that they asked, features they were looking for, and other details about their own company, the teams can provide insight into what you are able to create remarketing ads for.


If you are using pay-per-click advertising, such as search or display ads, don’t isolate their use to only lead generation. Utilize the toolset of remarketing ads to support the lead nurturing process as well. By regularly remarketing to leads that have not converted into sales, marketers can serve as a valuable part of the final sales sprint. As a result, they help generate revenue.

Use the right message, targeting, and analytics in place, lead nurture should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Generating leads is a great beginning to the sales process. The ultimate conclusion is achieved by taking advantage of interested customers that would have been lost. Most of all, that’s the benefit of lead nurturing, and that’s how remarketing can get you there.

Author: Rob Sloan

Rob Sloan is an experienced marketer and content strategist with more than a decade of digital marketing, content strategy, and video production experience under his belt. He founded The Contemporary to work with small businesses that needed help breaking into the online marketing world.

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