What Link Builders Really Want You to Know About Link Building

Have you ever heard of link building? Do you know what it is used for and how important it is to search engine optimization and online success? Well, the truth is that it may not be easy as you think.  A good number of individuals believe that writing quality articles will help them get links. It is not true as search engines make use of links to crawl and rank pages.

The truth is that quality matters, especially when it comes to an effective link building. And the more quality links one provides pointing back to a website, the higher that website will rank in search engine results. It entails getting links from high authority, relevant and quality sites. Interestingly, to get any business on top, the focus must be on the diversity of links. This is because link delivery is paramount in getting higher search engine ranking.

Some sites tend to rank well even when they are not supposed to. Most times, sites with tons of spammy backlinks rank higher than those that have played significant roles. This is one of the major challenges faced by link builders and many business owners today.

Link Building Factors

Building links are not as simple as ABC. The reason is that it goes beyond just building link ‘X’ today and wanting it to outrank its competitors overnight. There are different factors that make link building extremely complex and daunting. Some of these factors are discussed below:


Interestingly, a lot of numbers are being calculated annually. But the truth is that the one that usually stands out is the average number of hours it takes to secure just one link. And this sometimes takes virtually everyone on the team into account.

Considering it’s daunting and complex nature, link building tends to hover around eight hours just to get one built. And while it may not sound good, it is important to bear in mind that it’s only an average. For this reason, it may take thirty minutes to build just one link and even forty hours to get the next one. One thing is to stop caring about the hourly number, as it is frustrating and may even resulting in psychological trauma.

Some links tend to happen almost immediately when one is deliberately going after them. For instance; some links may go live in the twinkling of an eye or just within fifteen minutes. Others, on the other hand, go live after months of rigorously negotiating with webmasters. So most of them tend to go on holidays and even forget the link builders, only to respond to their emails a few weeks after.


Clients or business owners is another factor that links building a daunting task. This is because most clients expect link builders to perform miracles overnight. The reason is that virtually all of them want their sites to be 100% unparalleled and amazing as they think. They fail to realize the need of employing off-site strategy, especially if their products are not all that great.

In whatever way, even if you are an expert link builder, you will still find it tough and a bit challenging in perfectly building links. You are thus bound to face more challenges, especially with domain authority when it comes to age, size, and popularity.

Web Developers

As a web developer, it is important to avoid the occurrence of pages 404 when building links to them. Considering its complex nature, web developers do not fix technical problems and walk away. Or even rewrite a title and after that move on to something more fun. Sometimes, getting a seasonal consistency is always an issue, especially when people are preoccupied with holidays or vacations.


It is disheartening as a webmaster to discover that a little mistake is preventing your link from working effectively. Most clients are fond of opposing webmasters for sending a page they did not ask them of as a target. Another disheartening aspect is when webmasters are opposed to just coding the anchor in their preferred color instead of enquiring from them first.

The truth is that link builders want to see their clients with smiling faces by trying their best possible to link correctly for them and their audience for effective digital marketing strategy.  Because clients have nothing to gain if the created links or search engine result page fails to respond properly to query by a searcher.

Author: Rob Sloan

Rob Sloan is an experienced marketer and content strategist with more than a decade of digital marketing, content strategy, and video production experience under his belt. He founded The Contemporary to work with small businesses that needed help breaking into the online marketing world.

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